We help MSMEs by:

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Identifying issues

Performing Gap Analysis, identifying issues and, get their accounts in order to qualify for loans

accross the globe

Across the globe

Helping them bridge the gap to latest offerings in their particular field across the globe.



Identifying opportunity to improve their ratings.

What we do?

In Short Term –

  • We help MSMEs get the required bank loans. We will also help you prepare documents such as project plan and financial records to make it easy for you to get a loan.
  • We will help you explore available schemes and identify the one that is ideal for your requirements.
  • Based on parameters we will generate a proprietary index for MSME. This will be like a credit score but will consider additional parameters such as history of the MSME, operating sector, and so on.

In Long Term –

  • We will help you build the MMVI – Money Mitra Value Index. This will work as a credit score in addition to your Cibil.
  • We help businesses ( MSMEs ) avail govt. benefits and grow faster. "There are many schemes offered by the govt for MSMEs "
  • Additionally, we will support MSMEs by tracking their MMVI levels and ensure that the values will be in a favorable state to get bank loans.
  • Another aspect of Money Mitra is to help MSMEs get access to the latest technological innovations in their sectors. This will be a complimentary service in addition to the one mentioned above.

How we do it

We will work closely with MSMEs to collect the data that is required by the banks. We will then work with Banks to ensure that they are satisfied with the MSME profile to process their application.

We will also automate the process to identify if an MSME improve their profile and will help them achieve the same.

Our MMTI rating is designed keeping RBI guidelines in mind and our aim is to make it a benchmark for companies to rely upon. Additionally, when we have the required data, we will use it to project the financial performance of an MSME.

Take a look inside

Money Mitra Value Index [MMVI]

MMVI is a unique, home grown, ML based index.

The MMVI is a unique score that is generated for each MSME. It is based on many factors such as, size of business, structure, history, location, modernity, balance sheet, quality of products, adherence to Gol rules and regulations etc.

The MMVI is a single point-in-time snapshot of a business. It will get calculated as and when some of the underlying criteria for the particular business changes.

Safe and reliable

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  • Phone : +91-9606978238