We help MSMEs by:

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Identifying issues

Performing Gap Analysis, identifying issues and, get their accounts in order to qualify for loans

accross the globe

Across the globe

Helping them bridge the gap to latest offerings in their particular field across the globe.



Identifying opportunity to improve their ratings.

How we do it

We reach out to MSME, get their finance details including [but not limited to] bank statement, accounts, loans, payments, debts, salaries etc. Then perform gap analysis to determine what they can do better.*

These will be evaluated with the base case scenario. The base case is defined as a MSME in similar business, with a similar size, and structure, and which would get loan from bank easily.

We work with MSMEs to get them as close to the base case as possible. We will also help them stay that way.

* A strict NDA will be signed & implemented with each MSME to protect their data.
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Money Mitra Value Index [MMVI]

MMVI is a unique, home grown, ML based index.

The MMVI is a unique score that is generated for each MSME. It is based on many factors such as, size of business, structure, history, location, modernity, balance sheet, quality of products, adherence to Gol rules and regulations etc.

The MMVI is a single point-in-time snapshot of a business. It will get calculated as and when some of the underlying criteria for the particular business changes.

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